Promotion in Russia

The power of local SEO online marketing can never be underestimated. This is why the Russian speaking online community is one of the fastest growing and largest markets on the web. And no one knows that better than A-Advert.

What are the benefits of promotion in post-Soviet states?

The Russian online community accounts for more than 100 million users across the country as well as in other post Soviet states. It is still growing if the 10 to 30% annual increase is anything to go by. This makes Russia one of the fastest growing economies on the web and in the developed world. Most of it is related to plethora of online demand for local goods and services.

The reason why is fairly simple. Post-Soviet states aren’t considered as worthy contenders in the market economy until recently which means that they are behind other European economies with regards to consumption and buying trends. This is also why there are more affordable local market niches that are easier to occupy.

The Challenges

Businesses that wish to promote themselves in Russia and other ex-CIS countries might have an easier time doing so in some cases. However, you might will have a harder time doing so without any professional support and advice backing you up. Some of the challenges you might face in promoting your business in the country may involve -

  • Getting used to the peculiarities of the Russian language
  • Specific cultural and historical features of the Russian-speaking society
  • A Different business environment than you are used to
  • Local search engines that are regulated according to a different ranking algorithm than you are used to


Businesses that hire our services will be entitled to the following benefits –

  • Cater Native Russian speakers: this will ensure that the content on your web pages is properly localized and your site is promoted according to the right keywords
  • Quality link-building campaign: We only work with credible bloggers and webmasters to provide you the best backlinks that your budget can afford
  • Comprehensive approach: We acknowledge every detail that might have a bearing in improving your ranking on the web. Our work doesn’t stop there. We always keep ourselves updated to the latest trends and practices that govern buying and selling trends in the Russian market and promote them through the latest techniques.
  • Excellent customer service: At A-Advert, our clients are our most valuable assets. We care about your business and deliver services that will promote your best interests.

How we work:

A-Advert offers services that span across every online resource that is frequented by traffic in the post Soviet states. This includes -

  • Organic and paid search in Yandex and Google
  • Internet portals ( and others)
  • Russian- speaking social networks (“Vkontakte”, “Odnoklassniki”, “My World”)
  • Global social networks (“Facebook”, “Twitter”), banner advertising
  • And more!

What we offer:

We hand you the reins. Tell us how you would like us to market your website online. We specialize in –

SEO for Yandex – Yandex is Russia’s Google which means that it is the most popular search engine in the country as well as in other post Soviet states. However like most SEs, Yandex also requires web masters to adhere to certain regulations to ensure that they websites rank better. We offer quality search engine optimization services for Yandex. Learn more.

PPC in Yandex – Want to boost your website’s traffic in Yandex through a paid approach. Our Pay Per Click campaign management will have you covered.

SMM in Russia – social media is booming in Russia too! Our specialists will make your product go viral amongst Russian-speaking users. Get the chance to reach your target audience through the most popular local and global social networks in the country.

contact info

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  • Skype: alena.bahtina
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